The First Dance

Uncategorized / Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Our first dance was at the Cru Formal. I’m not even sure if that exists anymore; I’m pretty sure it’s not even called Cru anymore. We started hanging out about 1-2 months prior to that, and we were really really really in love. How young I (Ray) look! Gina hasn’t changed a bit… My goodness, how a decade ages you.

You may also notice the lack of hair. Whatever attracted the lovely pink-dressed lady to my left was certainly not the hairdo nor the green shirt (yuck!) or the tacky striped red tie (what was I thinking? I might as well wear some ball ornaments to finish the complete Christmas tree look). She must have seen something else… or maybe God’s hand and mighty persuasion caused her to relent? Nevertheless, praise the Lord for this beautiful woman I now call my wife of *almost* 8 years!

P.S. There is a used napkin on the floor next to her feet. Oh college.

New photo by Raymond Yu / Google Photos

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