The First (but not last) Valentine’s Day Fail

Uncategorized / Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

This was our first Valentines Day date. You would think it was an extravagant and well planned ordeal with gifts like expensive perfume and jewelry. Maybe we would have even sat in a limousine for the first time holding hands the entire way to the five star restaurant. Fortunately for my pocketbook’s sake, or really my parents’, we dined at Carabbas.

What’s hilarious about Carabbas is that the only reason we dined there was because they didn’t take reservations. Usually for Valentine’s Day dategoers this is a bad sign as they would never choose a place that didn’t have a definite spot for them during their once in a year shindig. For me, it was a Godsend. We were the ones who waited until the day of — THE DAY OF! — to find a restaurant that would take us. Naturally there were none and we ended up at Carabbas.

lol. If only I could say that was the last time it happened and I learned from the painful and relationship-breaking moment. Truth is people rarely change and it is God’s unending mercies that keep us moving all the days long.

Nevertheless we had a fantastic time at Carabbas and there’s probably a good reason my wife never wants to go there again.

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