The rondelet [1] is a brief French form of poetry.

Uncategorized / Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Rondelet is an annual Rice dance where the guys ask the gals out. In the four years I attended Rice, I frequented Rondelet only once, and honestly I don’t even remember if we went to the dance.

As I peruse through these pictures from my past, like…

fond memories of many firsts start to resurface. I turn to Gina, and we reminisce about how we dressed so poorly and didn’t know what we were doing. We really didn’t. Both of us, though, were somehow wise enough to come to the conclusion that we wanted to date – from then on – for marriage.

I think Rondelet was around the time that we had first visited both sets of parents. Mind you, this was probably just a few weeks into our dating relationship.

This silver ornament hung from my rear view mirror as I drove the hour long drive from Rice to Galveston to meet Gina’s parents for the first time. It wasn’t that we were seeking the stamp of approval from her parents or mine but rather it was a gesture towards ourselves that we were taking this thing seriously. Committed to marriage.

In many ways, our idealism in the college years shaped much of our 20s. We wanted to date for marriage; Gina was a staunch supporter of early marriage; and I wanted to have five kids. Through idealism, God generated in us numerous lofty desires. And from those desires, God helped us to accomplish many of these ideals with the vitality of youth. Giving Him the strength of our youth could have been seen as a sacrifice to the blissful, single, carefree life, yet He has never failed in returning the little seeds we sowed with true and abundant harvests.

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